About Us

About us

Yasunori Sugii

Representative Director and CEO

Autonomous Distributed Architecture Researcher

He has been involved in a wide range of businesses in the Web and IT fields since the dawn of the commercial Internet.
He has worked as a producer and director in companies such as So-net, Usen, NTT-X, CYBIRD, and Zappallas, where he was involved in planning and developing Internet media businesses, digital contents businesses, and e-commerce/distribution platform businesses, He was involved in planning and development of Internet media business, digital contents business, EC and distribution platform business, and others. Later, he experienced multiple start-ups, including an EC distribution support business company and a digital contents distribution business company.

 Biographies of Expert Committee Members, etc.

Cabinet Office, Government of Japan Member of Expert Committee on MICHIBIKI Utilization Demonstration


Blockchain Study Group Member
( Report on the “Research Project for the Development of Content Business Infrastructure Using Blockchain Technology,” a project to strengthen new development of the content industry in fiscal year 2008)

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry System Evaluation Axis Development Study Committee Member
( Evaluation Axis for Systems Using Blockchain Technology ver. 1.0)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Utilization of Blockchain Technology for Contents Business Committee Member
( Report on the FY 2008 Contents Industry New Development and Enhancement Project (Research Project for the Development of Contents Business Infrastructure Using Blockchain Technology))
Patent Office Patent Application Technology Trend Study (Blockchain-related)
( FY 2008 Patent Application Technology Trend Investigation Report “Payment System with Virtual Currency and Electronic Money” )
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Member, Food Traceability Platform Study Group
( Overview of Blockchain and Business Applications )
Bank of Japan Fintech Forum ( Implementation issuesandsafety measures for the use of blockchain in the financial sector, etc.)
( Implementation issuesandsafety measures for the use of blockchain in the financial sector )
Japanese Bankers Association Member, Study Group on the Potential Use of Blockchain Technology and Issues

 Industry Associations, Board Memberships, Committee Memberships, etc.

 About Us

Trade nameDART’s Corporation
Trade name(Japanese)DART’s株式会社
AddressMaruhashi Building 2F, 1-25-2 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number03-5468-2070
Date of EstablishmentOctober 2021
Business Description1. Construction of digital rights management system using distributed ledger technology
2. Construction of digital content sales, settlement, and revenue distribution system
3. Construction of digital content distribution and viewing system
4. Construction of rights management system for licensed products
5. 5. Construction of tracking and management system for distribution of licensed products
6. All businesses incidental and related to each of the preceding items
Capital60 million yen (plus capital reserve of 60 million yen)
Board of DirectorsRepresentative Director CEO: Yasunori Sugii
Director CFO: Takeshi Matsumura
Director: Nobutoku Ito
Auditor: Yutaka Yabe
Legal Advisor
Harada International Law Office
Patent Counsel
Patent Attorney Corporation IPX



Board of Directors and Fellows

Takeshi Matsumura

Director CFO

He graduated from Tokyo University of Technology in 1985 and completed graduate studies at the same university in 1987. He graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1985 and completed his graduate studies in 1987. He is a pioneer in the field of consulting, mainly in bridging the market with the patents and products of publicly traded companies.

He has served as President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan, and as Vice President of a United Nations-accredited organization. He has consulted for more than 100 companies and is currently a board member of more than 10 companies. He is in charge of investor relations, accounting, general affairs, and legal affairs at DARTʼs.

Norihiko Ito

board member

Worked for a major general contractor.
He is involved in work in the environmental field.
In 2016, he started GLOBAL NETWORK JAPAN Corporation, utilizing his knowledge in the environmental field.

He then established GNJ Hong Kong to issue and list tokens to build a token economy for CO2 reduction.
Currently establishing GNA India in Bangalore, India. Preparing exchange, remittance, and payment platforms for the Indian market and a wallet system through a business alliance with DART’s. Utilizing his contacts for the Indian market, he will build the NFT platform and disseminate the DART’s wallet component from India to the world.

Takeshi Ishiguro


After graduating from Meijo University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering in 1990, he worked at MHI’s Sagamihara Works, where he was in charge of production line design for automotive parts.
He then entered the world of digital design and DTP, and founded a design and production company for casino amusement machines. At the same time, he became fascinated with New World Wine and organic food culture, and started importing organic food and wine directly from Australia and NZ, and opened NewWorldWine specialty stores in Shibuya and Ebisu.
He studied the fields of blockchain and IoT during the crypto assets boom of 2017, and as a result, he became involved in the management of agriculture-related projects, as he strongly felt the potential of these fields.

His current work focuses on working with blockchain development companies, marketing, and business development, and at DART’s he is involved in partnership-based market development and business development in the Indian market.

Kai Adachi

tech lead

Independent web system and SaaS development while still a student.

After graduation, he developed in-house systems at Yahoo Japan Corporation,
Worked on system renewal for a government agency at Accenture, Inc.

After that, he worked as an architect lead and contributed to the technical aspects of various engineering projects at a number of web companies. At DARTʼs, he is currently involved in blockchain development, including smart contracts, and as a tech lead, he is responsible for designing KPIs for development work, managing promotion, and connecting marketing and development.